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When you need to find an electrician for a one time wall socket install or even a whole house remodel, with Corkd you can quickly compare prices and schedule service with trusted licensed experts. From diagnosing electrical problems to supplying timely, professional service the the Corkd pros can do it all. Every year thousands of property owners rely on us for every conceivable job, large and small. We help you come up with your own estimate with our unique Ballpark price estimator feature where you can select the service you need to get an average cost for your area. Get started now for:

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Frequently Asked Questions - Getting Started

We help answer thousands of questions each month from property owners just like you. Below you will find some of the most common questions we come across:

Does the age of my house affect new fixtures I need to install?

This question, or a variation of it is extremely common across the country. Older homes from the 80's & earlier often lack modern electrical necessities like junction boxes that all new fixtures require. Additionally older homes often have odd wiring setups, or systems that have been set up piecemeal (particularly if there have been remodels or room additions). These issues require on-site analysis by an expert to determine exactly what you will need.

Do I have to pay for materials & wires?

Yes, the bids will include cost of materials. Once an onsite inspection is complete and a detailed estimate provided you do have the option of sourcing your own supplies. This is rarely worth the effort however as the vast majority of the cost for the typical electrical installation/repair is for labor and time, not materials. Large commercial installs being one notable exception.

I am moving into a new property what steps do I need to take to ensure the safety of all electrical systems?

Again, depending on the age of the property, we do recommend a basic inspection to make sure everything is in proper working order. It is important to at least be aware of whether or not you have a surge protector, how old and what type of fuse panel (and age) you have. You don't want to get stuck without electricity in a storm because of something that could easily be prevented.

What are the warning signs of a problem outlet or breaker?

If you find an outlet that is warm when you touch it, you have a problem that needs to be dealt with immediately. Simply unplug any devices connected to the outlet and call an electrician to schedule service to avoid fires or accidents. Similarly, if your breaker is producing heat you will need to replace it ASAP. Any noise coming out of it is also an indication that you will likely need to have it replaced as well.

Will my walls and property need to be ripped open to install new wiring?

In most cases master electricians can find a way to rewire with minimal damage to drywall and your structure. In the event that minor patches need to be made, everything is done to ensure the beauty of your home is returned. Also remember to weigh the temporary inconvenience during a rewire to the increases safety and reliability of modern electrical wiring.

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