Exterior Home Improvement Projects For Your Budget

Home improvement can be a stressful task. It takes time, planning, and - perhaps most aggravating of all - money. However, home improvement is as necessary as an oil change for a car in some regards, because not only are you improving the aesthetics of your home but you're also keeping up the functionality of the house as well. For example, consider roof shingles. While certainly not the first characteristic you might notice, shingles can make a huge difference to the overall aesthetic of a home, but more importantly, properly installed shingles protect your home from water damage and can even reflect sunlight to keep your house cooler. Other forms of inexpensive (or free) exterior home improvement strategies will be discussed below.

residential roof

Clean roof debris

Leaves, sticks, dirt, soot, and other debris can get lodged up on your roof and become quite unsightly. If not cleaned for extended periods of time, this debris can roll and get stuck in the rain gutters and cause more serious damage. Pick a date each month, make sure the weather is nice (no wind, precipitation) and spend a few minutes clearing debris from the roof. It doesn't cost anything helps maintain the exterior of the home.

Pressure wash home exterior

Never pressure wash the roof unless you've got wood or concrete shingles (or metal roofing). Focus on the exterior siding of your home and the surrounding elements, such as a driveway, patio, or deck. While you may not think your house looks dirty, tiny particles of dust and debris can stick to the exterior of a home. You'll be pleasantly surprised when you wash the exterior of your home and realize how "new" it looks.

Repair/replace broken outdoor furniture

Furniture that is placed outside is much less durable because of weather wear. Remove, replace, and clean old furniture. A little spit-shine can make all the difference. Also consider the use of a chair cover which is much easier to clean when needed.

Lawn Upkeep

An unkempt lawn can really look bad. When grass reaches 5-6 inches, dandelion flowers start to show, crabgrass begins to proliferate, and that's how you know it's time to bust out the yard work shoes. You don't necessarily need expensive chemicals to remove weeds. While effective, pulling weeds can be a relaxing and simple task for you or your kids. Roll up the sleeves, put on the shorts, and get your bronze on. Artificial lawns, of course, can eliminate the need for yard work altogether, meaning you will never have to worry about the care and upkeep of growing grass for the rest of your days.

While home improvement is a necessity for any responsible homeowner, you don't have to spend wheelbarrows of cash to make an impact. Exterior home improvement is all about the overall package. Deciding to repaint the home may be noticeable to others at first, but if the roof shingles haven't been replaced and debris is strewn throughout the yard, painting will only go so far. The best exterior home improvement is holistic, and noticeable even to the untrained eye.