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When your hose won't do the trick, turn to Corkd pros for pressure washing nearly any type of surface. For heavy duty cleaning of oil or grease stains, only power washing with superheated water can get your surface looking new again. If you need delicate cold water power washing for brick or textured walls, you need experts who can achieve the right balance of removing stubborn buildup while maintaining the original look of your surface.

Grime, dirt and soot builds up on your walls, walkways, roof and deck to detract from the beauty of your home. Fortunately, professional pressure washing services clean even the most stubborn dirt buildup. Your garden hose will only take you so far in cleaning the exterior of your home, our experts will help you get the job done right.

Why should I pressure wash my home?

You'll enjoy a lot of positives when you pressure wash your home. All the grit and grime that piles up over the years reduces the quality of your home's appearance. A few minutes of pressure washing causes your residence to look several years younger. The same is true of your patio furniture, exterior walls, and other targets.

Pressure washing also provides future benefits. Many of the deteriorating factors that cause your home to lose its luster are ones that you can literally wash away. Mildew, mold, and rot don't just harm your residence in the short term. They also fester in ways that are difficult to combat through usual cleaning methods. Pressure washing attacks these problems at the source, eliminating them through a potent combination of high-velocity hot water distribution with cleaning solution.

How much will power washing my house cost?

Typical exterior home pressure washing costs $150 - $450 but will vary drastically based on the size you need cleaned and type of siding or material on your home. The best way to estimate pressure washing costs for your house is by thinking of them in terms of space. Start by quickly estimating your housing exterior. If you live in a 2,000-square foot home, you'll pay somewhere between $160 and $1,000 for a professional to pressure wash. To clean every major part (siding, windows, roof, driveway) of your home's exterior, you're looking at somewhere between $500 and $1,500. Again, your home's condition, location, and size all directly impact the cost. That's why you'll want to ask for multiple quotes.

Get the best pressure washing prices

The range of pressure washing prices is between 10 cents to 80 cents per square foot, while the average pressure washing price is roughly 40 cents in most parts of the country. As with most services, you'll want to get a few estimates when you hire because pressure washing prices can vary dramatically. Some companies charge as little as 8 cents per square foot, but that price comes with two caveats. The first is that the area in which you live will impact the cost. The other is that you'll get what you pay for, and you will likely need to pay minimum fees just to have a professional come to your property. Most services will fall in the same area on their price quotes. Keep in mind that the type of area you want pressure washed plays a factor as well. Some homes and delicate surfaces are harder to clean than others. You'll pay more in such situations.

How to hire the best pressure washing companies

Prepare a series of questions to ask of pressure washing companies. You'll want to know the following: How powerful are their pressure washers? Remember from the information above that more isn't always better. A device that's too powerful can damage surfaces.

What kind of training to employees receive? Untrained (or undertrained) employees are more likely to use harmful PSI levels. Using just enough power is a skill that takes training and practice.

Do they use hot or cold water? This question seems silly, but it's important. Hot water is more effective in deep cleaning many exteriors. Someone using cold water will need longer to clean and might not do as good of a job. Are they environmentally friendly? The powerful cleaning solutions employed during the pressure washing process aren't all biodegradable. You'll want to select companies that prioritize less harmful products when possible. Are you licensed and insured? If they lack any of these certifications, you need to find out why. Also, verify that they offer free estimates. Not every company does.

DIY vs. hiring an expert

If you don't know what you're doing, pressure washing can be dangerous if attempted on your own. Since you're unlikely to buy one, you'll need to rent the perfect unit to suit your needs. That's also problematic since the store options run the gamut from too weak to way too powerful. You don't want to pay money for a pressure washer that won't clean your home. You also shouldn't rent one that could cause you serious harm. Rather than risk your own health, hiring an expert is the safer option. They'll do the job correctly while you're safe inside.

For DIY, the items you generally use to clean are basic. A washcloth and garden hose can handle some dirty surfaces, but these tools have realistic limits. They can only reach a certain depth and are difficult to clean concrete, asphalt or stucco. A pressure washer is overkill for basic cleaning, but when you have a particularly challenging situation, it's the only device that can handle the job.

DIY equipment

If you decide you want to pressure wash your home on your own, there are a few key things our pros suggest that you know.

How to use a pressure washer properly

Beginners using a pressure washer for the first time often report disappointment with the process. That's because they use the wrong tactics. You can easily avoid these issues of inexperience by following these tips:

  1. The best method is to use a broad, low-pressure nozzle. Otherwise, you run the risk of causing a cutting effect and damaging surfaces. Note that you can identify the angle of distribution by looking at the color coding on the nozzle. Red means zero degrees, yellow is 15 degrees, green is 25 degrees, and white is 40 degrees.
  2. The best way to select the proper pressure is by choosing a setting, then testing the water pressure in a safe area. Once you're satisfied with the results, you can go ahead. Keep in mind that skipping this step may cause the problem of having to adjust while the unit is operating.
  3. The surface you're cleaning should determine the way you aim the pressure washer. On vertical surfaces, start at the bottom and clean upward. When you're ready to rinse, the opposite is true; start at the top then move downward.
  4. For optimal washing, hold the nozzle at a safe distance from the surface you're sanitizing. Otherwise, you can damage the affected region and are also subject to grime splashing from the surface. Also, point the nozzle downward slightly. The device works even better when it operates in tandem with gravity.

What type of pressure washing do you need?

Two primary types of pressure washing dominate the marketplace, although some variation exists in both. Here's what you need to know about the most popular methods.

Electric pressure washing: This generally produce between 1,300 and 1,900 psi. The smaller footprint of electric pressure washers also gives them more maneuverability. Presuming you're doing home cleaning, you're unlikely to need a more powerful device than electric.

Gas pressure washing: This a great option when you need more psi. PSI ranges for gas pressure washing start in the 2,000 range up to 3,100 psi. Gas pressure washers are larger in design and have large wheels that reduce mobility somewhat.

For Commercial pressure washing there are heavy duty gas pressure washers. Such devices distribute between 3,200 and 4,200 psi while using only four gallons of water per minute. In other words, they're 420 times more powerful than a spray gun on a garden hose while using two gallons less water per minute. This can help wash large building surfaces, parking lots and more.

Serious power washing with a delicate touch

The entire purpose of hiring a power washing company is to enhance the look of your home, so you need experts who will not inflict any damage in the process. With modern, well kept equipment Corkd pros carefully wash your driveways, walkways, roofs and any other surface. Best of all the cost of pressure washing is competitive every time and our Ballpark Estimator Price Estimator will help you get you started.

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