Hire An Electrician - Don't DIY

As a homeowner, there is nothing more daunting than having to fix something electrical. Whether you enjoy working on home projects or want to save money by being a home DIY'er, due to the extreme dangers than are associated with electrical work, it is best to hire a reputable electrician who not only knows what they are doing, but are highly specialized in doing it correctly. Fixing a faulty wire or re-wiring anything incorrectly can cause an electrical fire, endangering both your family and your home. Choosing an electrician can be frustrating, especially if one is needed quickly. Read on to find out what you need to know before hiring a qualified electrician.

Choosing The Right Electrician

There are different levels of expertise when to being an electrician. Homeowners need weigh the pros and cons when it comes to choosing to save money on hiring an electrician who just learned the trade vs. paying top dollar for a highly skilled electrician. Although some differences may be minor, seeing a comparison can help you make your final decision.

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What Can You Expect From Your Electrician

Because each electrician may specialize in something specific, it is always recommended that you do research prior to hiring an electrician. Knowing what you need done can greatly reduce the chances of hiring someone who may not be suited for the job. Below are some examples of what you can expect from your electrician, depending on their skill level.

Apprentice: Basic electrical work, may assist a journeyman on a job to learn the ins and outs. It is not recommended to hire an apprentice if they do not come with a journeyman or a master electrician.

Journeyman: Provides service work such as troubleshooting breakers or fixtures that stop working as well as install wiring and outlets, just to name a few. Can work on both residential or commercial electrical issues, although most specialize in one or the other. A journeyman usually comes to a service call unsupervised, as they are licensed to do so.

Master: Extensive knowledge of all electrical issues. Can request permits, design wiring layouts and location of circuit breakers. Often has a team of journeymen and apprentices that handle smaller electrical issues.

Hire A Licensed Electrician Today

Avoid the headache of hiring someone who may not get the job done correctly. Whether you choose someone who is a journeyman or a master electrician, it is imperative that only hire electricians who are licensed and insured. Corkd provides you with an easy way to find top rated electricians in your area who are licensed, insured and knowledgeable in all types of electrical work as well as ones who offer specializations in residential or commercial properties.