24 Gorgeous Shipping Container Homes

Anyone who's looking to buy a house can tell you that they aren't cheap. Unfortunately, wages can't keep up with the rising cost in housing; and Generation Y, whose members are at the prime age for first time home buying, are drowning in student loan debt. America is in desperate need of affordable housing.

Enter the ubiquitous shipping container. Shipping containers typically cost between $1800 and $5000 depending on their size. They're readily available for purchase and virtually indestructible (e.g. fireproof, waterproof, built to handle heavy loads, etc.) They can easily be stacked and welded together to form multi-story homes. They're sturdy as all get out, and can handle just about anything thrown at them. However, just like any other structure, container homes do have some disadvantages. Do your research before making a commitment.

Until then, here are some stunning container homes to add to your idea board.

Containers of Hope

container of hope

San Antonio Guest House

san antonio guest house

Casa El Tiemblo

casa el tiemblo

The Redondo Beach House

redondo beach house

The Flagstaff Container Home

flagstaff container home

The San Diego Container Home

san diego container home

Crossbox House

crossbox house

RDP House

rdp house

Zigloo Domestique Complete

zigloo container home

The 12 Container House

the 12 container home

Six Oaks Shipping Container Residence

six oaks container home

The 2011 Sunset Idea House

2011 sunset house

Manifesto House

manifesto house

The Beach Box

beach box

Coromandel Beach House

coromandel house

Canon City Container Cabin

canon city container home

Hybrid House

hybrid house

Quik House

quik house

Cove Park

cove park container home

Casa Incubo

casa incubo

Colorado Shipping Container Home

colorado shipping container house

Jaora Shipping Container House

Maison Container Lille

maison container house

Huiini Container House

huiini container house