Steel Shipping Containers For Sale & Rental

When you need a portable solution for storing excess inventory, equipment or even household items, steel shipping containers are a perfect solution for both short and long term projects. Let Corkd Shipping Containers help you determine the right container you need in sizes ranging from 10', 20', 40' and 53' options. Shipping container prices will fluctuate quite a bit based on your distance to the port or container yard, time of year, and general inventory available. We help you find the lowest prices on used shipping containers through a couple questions about your needs.

Shipping Containers - An Environmentally Sound Storage Solution

Tens of thousands of used shipping containers are retired each year by global shippers, and turning them into a viable, portable storage solution is very environmentally friendly. Rather than requiring new steel, old shipping containers can be returned to their wind and water tight condition with little effort. Steel shipping containers are also both more environmentally friendly and cheaper than traditional storage buildings which require materials and land.

Frequently Asked Questions

The info below may help clear up any lingering questions you have regarding buying or renting shipping containers:

What Can I Expect To Pay For A Used Shipping Container?

As mentioned above, prices move quite a bit based on geography, inventory and other factors. However, as a general guide you can expect to pay from $1,750 - $3,500 for a 20 foot shipping container in wind/water tight condition, and $3,000 - $5,200 for a 40 foot shipping container in wind/water tight condition.

Do I Need Insurance?

For rentals, you will need to purchase insurance as part of the rental terms. In most areas the price quoted includes the cost of insurance. We also recommend verifying your property insurance as well to cover any damage that a container can cause. Though rare, sometimes ground damage can occur where they are placed, particularly on high end driveways or walkways. Usually this is cheaply mitigated by placing wood on the ground prior to container delivery.

What Is The Process Of Renting A Shipping Container?

The entire process is very straightforward, but there are a few things to watch out for. Essentially you simply choose what size container you will need, compare prices, schedule delivery and make payment. When you are finished you simply call or email to have your container picked up. Just be sure of a few things before you get started:

  • -Make sure there is enough room for the delivery truck to maneuver on the property and drop the shipping container.
  • -Renter or representative needs to be present for delivery to guide the placement and sign off on delivery.
  • -Make sure the container is relatively clean upon return to avoid additional cleaning fees. Minor scrapes, dust and dirt are generally not an issue.

How Can I Learn More On My Own About The Industry?

Knowing more about the industry can help you to find the right time to find a shipping container for sale based on your specific area. Larger macroeconomic factors play a role in shipping container prices, as well as local economic fluctuations and many other variables. If you purchase many containers per year at multiple facilities it can pay to know more. Since many of the influencing factors are global in nature, we always recommend the World Shipping Council (website here) as a good starting point. You can also find the larger container wholesalers often provide their vision of the industries' future at the Freight Expo and other similar conferences though they do charge fees for attendance.

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