About Cork'd

Cork'd is your secret weapon when you need to find trusted local professional for everything from rentals for construction or events to home repair jobs. We are helping to bridge the technology gap between service providers and consumers and working to make it easier to find service in less time. We understand that most people dread researching, making calls and keeping track of bids for services.

Corkd Offices

Company history

Working the family business, Access All, Cory T. quickly learned the power of using the internet for large and medium sized organizations to access people looking for services at the moment of intent. What he realized however that this leap forward in communications often did not streamline the process for the end consumer in many categories.

  1. 2013


    Rebranded as Cork'd

    In 2013 the company was re-branded as CORKD to signify the power that consumers can find within the service to save time, energy and money.

  2. 2012


    400,000 Consumers and Businesses

    By 2012 over 400,000 consumers and businesses have connected on our platform.

  3. 2008


    Shifted Focus to Consumers

    By 2008 Access All shifted focus to using technology to simplify the pricing of services for consumers.