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Fixing or replacing your tankless water heater in Topeka just got easier. Cork'd helps you quickly compare prices on gas and electric water heaters in Kansas so even if you have an emergency you can still be sure to get the best rates. Many people simply work with the first company they call when their heater breaks, but with Cork'd Water Heaters it only takes two minutes to compare rates so you get both a great price and reliable service. Get started now to save on:

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Fast, reliable water heater repair in Topeka will not just bring you the comfort of hot water but will also save you from potential damage to your garage or basement. By responding in hours - not days - Cork'd partners can save you from the hassles of a broken water heater with either a replacement or a quick fix. You need a highly qualified pro for your Topeka water heater repair job that is capable of fixing all brands. Get started now to save time, money and get your hot water back!

Estimate Water Heater Costs in Atlanta, GA

Your estimated water heater installation costs in Atlanta: $908.38

This cost is based on Fulton County labor costs for a licensed, certified and insured water heater installation company in Atlanta. It includes average costs for a mid-range tankless water heater, a variety of installation types, additional materials needed (mounting brackets, connectors, etc.), and debris removal.

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Non-Verified Water Heaters Companies

Guion's Showcase

2023 W 6th Ave

Emporia, KS 66801

Mann Investiments

901 Mechanic St

Emporia, KS 66801

Frost Plumbing Co

520 NE Monhollon Dr

Topeka, KS 66617

Smart Plumbing

2807 Southwest Dukeries Road

Topeka, KS 66614

Blue Dot Services

3365 SW Gage Blvd

Topeka, KS 66614

MC Elroy's Inc

3209 SW Topeka Blvd

Topeka, KS 66611

Busy Basement Technologies

3825 Southwest Dukeries

Topeka, KS 66610

Torrez Plumbing

1625 SE 45th St

Topeka, KS 66609

Iwig Plumbing

2239 Southeast Shiloh Ridge Lane

Tecumseh, KS 66542

1st Call Service

5824 East 12th Street

Overland Park, KS 66214

Our water will not heat for for a couple minutes before it goes icy cold, want it taken care of.

Nick R.
Topeka, KS, 66620


$ 174.68

Our 40 gallon electric hot water heater keeps having a loud sound in the top of the unit.

Leo M.
Topeka, KS, 66647


$ 253.38

Noises coming from out of my hot water heater, will want the cost to service it ASAP.

Desiree D.
Topeka, KS, 66699


$ 313.26

My water will not heat for for three minutes before going icy cold, want it repaired.

Christa N.
Topeka, KS, 66601


$ 235.54

My 60 gallon electric hot water heater has a odd noise around the back of the tank.

Shannon J.
Topeka, KS, 66667


$ 298.66

My 40 gallon hot water heater is generating a ticking sound from the back of the tank.

Geena B.
Topeka, KS, 66628


$ 326.91

What is cost for a large industrial hot water heater ninety gallons in our building.

Kevin C.
Topeka, KS, 66622


$ 1396.49

Please provide price for a big commercial hot water heater one hundred twenty gallons for our office.

Taylor P.
Topeka, KS, 66675


$ 1824.94

Please provide cost of a large heavy duty commercial water heater 120 gallons in our building.

Graham J.
Topeka, KS, 66629


$ 2742.6

My eleven year old 40 gallon water heater that has to be replaced, what's the fee for a new heater put in?

John I.
Topeka, KS, 66636


$ 2279.56

Prices shown to help with 'ballpark' estimates, final pricing varies based on brand, length of warranties, additional materials needed for installation, permits, etc. Dedicated gas lines, custom electronic remote access, system frames & platforms and more can add to the cost quoted.

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