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Fixing or replacing your tankless water heater in Rockford just got easier. Corkd helps you quickly compare prices on gas and electric water heaters in Illinois so even if you have an emergency you can still be sure to get the best rates. Many people simply work with the first company they call when their heater breaks, but with Corkd Water Heaters it only takes two minutes to compare rates so you get both a great price and reliable service. Get started now to save on:

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Why You Need Reliable Water Heater Repair in Rockford Today

Fast, reliable water heater repair in Rockford will not just bring you the comfort of hot water but will also save you from potential damage to your garage or basement. By responding in hours - not days - Corkd partners can save you from the hassles of a broken water heater with either a replacement or a quick fix. You need a highly qualified pro for your Rockford water heater repair job that is capable of fixing all brands. Get started now to save time, money and get your hot water back!

Water Heaters Costs in Rockford, IL

Average Cost in Rockford: $876.30

$786.34 - $966.25

Lowest Price Paid

Highest Price Paid

Estimated Water Heaters Cost in Rockford: $876.30

The estimates are based on the average water heater installation prices in Rockford. This cost is based on Winnebago County labor costs for a licensed, certified and insured water heater installation company in Rockford. It includes average costs for a mid-range tankless water heater, a variety of installation types, additional materials needed (mounting brackets, connectors, etc.), and debris removal.

Non-Verified Water Heaters Companies

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G & M Appliance Repair Inc

6832 Forest Hills Rd

Loves Park, IL 61111

Advance Appliance

218 Grand Ave

Loves Park, IL 61111

Dean's Appliance Service Inc.

7003 Harlem Rd

Loves Park, IL 61111

Bob's Electric & Repair

5179 Zenith Parkaway, Unit 3

Loves Park, IL 61111

Don's Appliance Service

5517 N 2nd St

Loves Park, IL 61111

Skelly's Appliance Service

6115 N 2nd St

Loves Park, IL 61111

Rpo Plumbing

Rockford, IL 61108

American TV & Appliance

6651 E. State Street

Rockford, IL 61108

Wayne Seymour Plumbing

Rockford, IL 61107

D & L Plumbing

Rockford, IL 61101

What Other People Are Paying for water heaters in Rockford, IL *

Our 48 gallon hot water heater has a strange noise around the top of the unit.



Zach S.
Rockford, IL, 61105

Our 48 gallon electric water heater keeps making a clunking noise from the back of the tank.



Eleanor S.
Rockford, IL, 61106

Needing a new tankless heater in my 1 bath house, I'd like tankless.



Dennis G.
Rockford, IL, 61125

I will need a new hot water heater for my 1 restroom home, I'd like electric.



McLain S.
Rockford, IL, 61126

It's a seven year old 75 gallon lp gas hot water heater to be upgraded, what is the total price to have a new heater put in?



Desiree M.
Rockford, IL, 61104

Our water will not heat for for a few minutes before it gets cold, need it adjusted.



Arielle K.
Loves Park, IL, 61130

My water is only warm for three minutes before going cold, need to have it adjusted.



Tony A.
Loves Park, IL, 61132

I've got a ten year old thirty gallon gas water heater which needs to be replaced, what's the fee to get a new unit installed?



Travis I.
Rockford, IL, 61101

Please provide price for a big heavy duty commercial water heater one hundred twenty gallons for our office.



Dennis J.
Rockford, IL, 61108

My 10 year old fifty gallon gas water heater to be changed out, what is the cost to have a new heater installed?



Steve W.
Rockford, IL, 61109

Prices are for informational purposes only. Your actual costs will vary depending on your company, time of year, and current demand.

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