Industrial Storage Containers For Rent & Purchase

No longer a niche product, 20 and 40 foot storage containers have become the de facto mobile storage solution for homeowners and businesses over the last thirty years. The reasons are plain to see as refurbished steel storage containers are highly mobile (transported with a standard flatbed truck or custom loading truck), highly secure to both the environment and thieves (designed to withstand the high seas, with additional security locks and features available), and very affordable compared to construction costs on a new building and other alternatives. Corkd Storage Containers can help you find the container you need today in the standard 20 & 40 foot options, custom 5, 10 and 53 foot options and dozens of custom features available including windows, wiring, shelving, add-on ventilation, various door & lock options and so much more. So whether you are a contractor who needs to safely store expensive equipment or a homeowner storing furniture during a remodel, let Corkd Storage Containers hook you up with the perfect solution today.

Steel Storage Containers Vs. The Rest

Nearly all things that people store inherently have a lot of value that they need to protect. All steel storage containers stand head and shoulders above the multitude of options out there including wood, steel frame + wood, plastic and even collapsible which are all designed to reduce manufacturers cost. Even for those looking for a simple short term rental option, it doesn't make sense to place valuables in a storage container that can be hacked into with an axe in less than two minutes. By taking advantage of storage containers retired from international shipping fleets, you can buy an 'overbuilt' product at rock bottom prices. The containers literally last decades and whether you need to store in a desert, forest, suburb or on a farm the container can withstand anything. Little wonder that storage containers are often converted to storm shelters, they are seriously tough. Find your area to get started now.

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