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  • Paper & Document Shredding Services in Delta, CO
  • Environmentally Friendly Document Destruction
  • Off-Site & Mobile Paper Shredding

Affordable Shredding Services in Delta, CO

Cork'd finds and partners with the highest quality and most trusted names for Delta paper shredding services. Make sure your sensitive documents are destroyed and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Legislation about the proper document shredding in Delta makes this an important aspect of any business operation. Households can also benefit from these services, ensuring that sensitive information isn't left open for anyone to find, decreasing the chances of fraud and identity theft.

Cork'd offers customers an easy way to get:

  • Business & Residential document shredding in Delta, Colorado
  • Regularly scheduled paper shredding in Delta, CO
  • On-site mobile shredding services in Delta

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Non-Verified Shredding Services Companies

Colorado Document Security

3182 Mesa Ave, Ste A

Grand Junction, CO 81504

Record Management Systems

1202 Kimball Ave

Grand Junction, CO 81501

My business will need a weekly shredding service in Delta set up right away.

Susan I.
Delta, CO, 81416

Location: Off-Site

Loose Weight: 273 lbs

$ Price: $0.76 per lb

My business is looking to complete file destruction for sensitive documents.

Caryn T.
Eckert, CO, 81418

Location: Off-Site

Large Box (24 x 15 x 10)

$ Price: $17 per box

My organization needs bi-monthly shredding service in Delta started without delay.

Ali A.
Cedaredge, CO, 81413

Location: On-Site

Loose Weight: 218 lbs

$ Price: $0.59 per lb

I have 14 bins of documents I would like shredded. How do you get rid of the materials after?

Shalaya F.
Mesa, CO, 81643

Location: Off-Site

Small Box (18 x 11 x 10)

$ Price: $10 per box

My business is looking to try and do record destruction for financial statements.

Dave B.
Montrose, CO, 81402

Location: Off-Site

Loose Weight: 134 lbs

$ Price: $0.73 per lb

Do you get rid of construction paper? I've got less than probably 150 lbs. worth.

Kellie W.
Crawford, CO, 81415

Location: Off-Site

Small Box (18 x 11 x 10)

$ Price: $12 per box

I've got 30 containers of documents I wanted shredded. How do you dump the shreds after that?

Wallace R.
Montrose, CO, 81401

Location: On-Site

Loose Weight: 69 lbs

$ Price: $0.71 per lb

About two hundred boxes of papers I need shredded. Where do you put the shreds when you finish?

Adrienne A.
Molina, CO, 81646

Location: On-Site

Small Box (18 x 11 x 10)

$ Price: $14 per box

Want to get rid of information from 7 years ago. Please supply me with bulk shredding service discounting in Delta.

Brady J.
Whitewater, CO, 81527

Location: On-Site

Loose Weight: 500 lbs

$ Price: $0.4 per lb

We require paper shredding at our home - some invoices.

Meghan S.
Montrose, CO, 81403

Location: On-Site

Loose Weight: 500 lbs

$ Price: $0.46 per lb

Pricing to be used as a guide only. Actual prices will vary based on delivery fees (for off-site shredding), frequency of service and other factors.

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