When you're thinking about planting a tree, it's likely you're up against a few questions that might make the idea seem like too much of a hassle. One of these questions might be "What kind of tree could I plant that grows fast and provides a lot of shade?", or "What kind of tree will turn a pretty color when it's fall?". Maybe you don't like raking leavings and you're wondering "What kind of tree is easy to take care of and could also improve my yard's landscape?" There are plenty of options to choose from and no need to let these questions scare you off.

You want shade, and fast? You got it.

Hybrid Poplar Tree

If you don't want to wait 30 years for some quality shade in your backyard, this tree's for you. This tree's mature height is 50 feet and can grow up to 8 feet in just one year. There are different types of Hybrid Poplar trees, but the Populus deltoides x Populus nigra has proven to be less messy than others since it is cotton-less.

Black Oak Tree

There are a variety of trees that are low maintenance. If you have to pick just one, you can't go wrong with the Black Oak tree. The black oak tree is known for its ability to hold its leaves during the winter, reducing the need trim your trees and making things easier for you when leaf-raking season hits. The leaves on this tree will turn red in the fall and are up to 10 inches long. They can grow up to 80 feet.

Sugar Maple Tree

This tree won't disappoint when you're hoping for breathtaking colors in the fall. The Sugar Maple tree is iconic for the fall season. They grow up to 1 foot every year and mature between 60 and 80 feet. These trees are able to withstand temperatures as low as negative 40, and as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Top Reasons to Plant Trees

Want to beautify or cover an unsightly view? No problem.

People that plant trees almost always unexpectedly find that one of their greatest benefits is their ability to hide something on their property that they would rather not see. A common motivator for planting a tree is you might have some electrical wiring that isn't pleasant to look at, or maybe there just isn't enough greenery around your property. You might feel like your property is nothing but concrete. These are great reasons to pick a spot in the yard and plant a tree that you can enjoy for the years to come.

Planning on eventually selling your home? Trees can help.

Not only do the trees improve the overall look of your property, they also increase your home's value if you know where to put them. It's important that you plant your trees in logical places. Having a pretty tree planted in a prime spot in the yard is attractive to families that spend a lot time outside. Having a tree planted in the wrong place could even decrease your home's value. It's smart to consult with your neighbors as well since trees have an effect on your whole neighborhood. The value of your neighbor's homes will go up as well if you have successfully planted and grown a beautiful tree in a desirable location that benefits everyone surrounding it.

Trees save water and energy

Because of the high demand for air conditioning in the summer, it's very easy to rack up a big electrical bill. Believe it or not, having a tree in the yard is a great way to cut costs. This is because trees assist in cooling off your home, which eliminates the need to have the air conditioning cranked up 24/7 and reduces your electrical bill. When it comes to saving water, trees do a great job slowing down the evaporation from your lawn after watering.

Positive effect on the environment

There are a few key things that trees do that keep our environment healthy. One thing that a lot of people aren't aware of is how trees are able to clean the air by absorbing pollutant gases. They also provide plenty of oxygen. Lastly, trees help fight against the greenhouse effect by absorbing CO2 that is produced from cars. These three facts alone make it worth it to invest in a tree or two.