Move Smarter By Not Packing These 6 Items

There are items in your home now that you couldn't live without, but also plenty of items you overlook every day. When it's time to move, some of these items should come with you, but most need to go. Not only will paring down help you save time when packing and unpacking at your new place, it will also save you money on storage, rental trucks, and moving hours. Check out our list to determine what needs to get thrown out before you move.

donating clothes

Pare Down With Spring Cleaning

Before you start packing, clean out your closets. Go through your rooms and donate old clothes and items that have been sitting untouched for the past few years. Also, go through your kids' rooms and find old toys they haven't played with or that they're too old for. This is also a great activity for your kids, who can learn the benefits of giving things away and helping others in need.

Go through the tossing and donating process once before you start packing, and then approach everything with a critical eye when you start boxing up items. Is that neon bar sign really worth the space required to move it? You may find yourself creating a whole other pile of items to throw out or give away.

Pad Your Breakables With Old Linens

If you have towels that are worn with holes in them or old linens with stains and threadbare sheets, it's time to throw them away or use them to help you pack. Many people use old sheets to wrap up their furniture during a move. This way you won't have items scratching and bumping against each other in transit. When you arrive, you can either toss the linens and towels or use them when you're painting and remodeling as drop cloths.

This also means you can tuck into fresh sheets with you arrive and find colors that match your future decor and color schemes perfectly.

Candles (You Can't Bring Them Anyway)

Most moving companies won't allow homeowners to pack candles because they're a fire hazard, which means you have three options: You can bring them with you in the car or plane when you move, burn them down, or give them away to friends. Plus, candles are so delicate and malleable that they're likely to melt or get disfigured during the moving process, causing more trouble than they're worth. If you've ever wanted a romantic candlelit dinner with your significant other, now is your time.


Unused Kitchen Appliances

If you never used your burrito maker or icee machine at your old house, what makes you think you're going to use it at your new one? It's time to get rid of old appliances you never or rarely use, especially if you can produce the same results with your existing items. For example, it's easy to make a burrito with a pan on the stove or in the oven.

Consider selling the item if you've never used it or donating it if it's open. If you do have a good memory of it (like a margarita maker and a fun night with your best friend), ask if they want it to remember you by.

Gifts That You're Too Polite to Throw Out

Many people hold onto unwanted gifts long after they should for fear of hurting the person who gave it to them. People collect ugly decorations, ill-fitting sweaters, and random kitchen appliances in their closets and in the back of their cupboards. Now is the time to throw away those gifts without making your friends and family feel bad. Either donate the items or rent a proper sized dumpster to toss them completely. However, you might want to be careful if you're having a moving sale with these items on display.

Cheap Decor and Art

Many young people pick up art at HomeGoods or Target because they need something on their walls. While it looks nice at their current home, it can become bulky and cumbersome to move. Furthermore, you may not want that to be your statement piece at your new location. Consider tossing the art if there's a Bed Bath and Beyond where you're moving and pick up something new there. Even better: Keep your walls bare until you have the time and money to hunt down art pieces you truly love.

It's hard parting with your items, but it gets easier as you throw more stuff out. Plus, you will have room for new art, clothes, and candles when you arrive at your new home.