Vacuuming alone is not enough!

If your home or office has carpet, you probably do a pretty good job keeping it clean by vacuuming...or so you think.

While vacuuming removes dirt that is embedded within the carpet fibers, it doesn't fully remove the debris. Because dust and other particles are typically not visible to the naked eye, they tend to not only embed themselves into the carpet but also fall below the carpet, making it even harder to reach by vacuuming.

Before you go out and purchase or rent a carpet cleaner, know that while the job you do will provide immediate visual results, the deep rooted stains will eventually reappear on the surface, causing you to have to re-clean your carpets every couple months. This is because the carpet cleaners that you can rent are available to use with only certain types of solutions that are not as heavy duty as the ones used by professionals.

It's Just Carpet, How Can Cleaning It Make Me Healthier?

Regardless of what type of carpet you have, it is harboring dirt, debris and bacteria. This causes you and your family or your co-workers to have not only poor air quality within your home or office, but it also can cause allergies in otherwise healthy individuals. If you already suffer from allergies, a carpet that is not properly maintained will cause your allergies to flare up continuously.

While religious vacuuming does help eliminate some of the obvious tracked in dirt, it does not fully remove all microscopic particles. It is not uncommon for mold to be growing under the carpet. Unfortunately, even daily vacuuming cannot remove the mold. Having a proper carpet maintenance routine with a carpet professional allows you to live or work with the carpet in your home or office without it affecting your health. This maintenance includes not only vacuuming but utilizing professional water and/or steam cleaning as well.

Below are some common types of bacteria and debris that can live within your carpet fibers as well as how effective vacuuming vs. water/steam cleaning are on removing those allergens. Debris Type Vacuuming Professional Cleaning Dust Medium to High High Soil Medium to High High Mycotoxin (Fungl) Medium High Mites/Fleas Medium High Pets Medium High Bacteria Low to Medium High Viruses Low High

Why Use a Professional Carpet Cleaner?

Hiring a carpet cleaning professional ensures that your carpets are cleaned thoroughly. The carpet cleaning machines and the chemicals and solutions used are only available for professionals. Oftentimes, these require special handling and can be dangerous if not used properly. Your carpet cleaning professional not only knows the best way to handle all types of carpets (some may require special care) but they also are specialized in handling all degrees of stain resistance. This ensures that those stains are removed completely so that they do not reappear.

Depending on your carpet and your lifestyle, your carpet cleaning professional will be able to suggest a cleaning method that will be effective and within your budget. Whether you choose to have dry cleaning or steam cleaning performed, your carpets will look brand new and the air you breath will be better quality.

Professional Clean Your Carpets Today!

Our Corkd carpet cleaning professionals know the importance of having clean, good looking carpets that not only make your daily life more comfortable but also do not cause you to have unnecessary allergies. Our reputable professionals are knowledgeable in all types of cleaning processes and are licensed to provide you with the services you need.

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