6 Easy Reclaimed Wood Projects You Can Do

The beautiful tree in your front yard has grown too large to stay. Instead of feeling guilty for having a tree removal service take the tree away, see if it's possible to use the reclaimed wood. Using reclaimed wood in furniture or for art projects is a popular way to add rustic charm to your home. Here's some interesting projects you can do yourself.

pile of reclaimed wood

An important note before we begin: Whether you have reclaimed wood from your own tree or buy wood - an old pallet, for example - be sure to clean and sanitize your reclaimed wood. Once done and dried, you are ready to start your projects.

1. Wall ruler

Starting off simple, and especially great for those with growing children, a wall ruler. This is as simple as sanding the wood down, using a marker or paint to add numbers and inch lines, and sealing with wax. Then, attach the ruler to wall, and get ready to measure your kiddo's height.

2. Pallet garden walkway

Another simple way to add a touch of wood to your home, this one requires an old pallet, sealant, and if you prefer, wood stain. Step 1 is ripping the pallet apart. Step 2 is staining and/or sealing. Step 3 is artfully laying the planks in your garden to for a pallet path. Admire your work; you are done.

pallets as outdoor furniture

3. Headboard

There's two options for creating a headboard, as with many reclaimed wood projects: Squared-off, such as old fence boards for a cleaner look, or a more natural look that uses driftwood or wood that doesn't have perfectly straight lines. Use lumber strips to hold the pieces together. You can paint on a saying, or just leave the wood to speak for itself.

4. Mirror

Framing a mirror can be as difficult or easy as your wood makes it. If you have large pieces of wood, the frame can simply be a piece of wood per side. Or, like the headboard, fitting smaller pieces together to form a larger frame can add color to the mirror's backdrop.

5. Loveseat?

Although the instructions for a loveseat call for plywood, it can easily be replaced with sturdy reclaimed wood. Cut a template for the seat portion, making sure it will be a comfortable seat, seal the wood, and glue or nail everything together. You can use stain, or just wax to keep the original color of the wood. Either way, it's the perfect garden seating arrangement to go with the pallet path.

6. Farm table

Ready for the big leagues? It's time to make a farm table using many of the skills from the earlier projects. Or, if thick enough boards are available, using the same theory as the farm table but changing the shape, you can create a butcher block. Either one will provide a pop of wood in your kitchen or dining room.

By using reclaimed wood, you will help the environment, save money, and above all, have fantastic furniture and art pieces. If possible, use local wood, giving you a larger supply than wood imported from other areas - and giving you a strong connection to your area.