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Mobile Office Rental in Kansas City From The Pros

Renting a mobile office in Kansas City is fast and easy with Cork’d. Our experts have helped hundreds of customers in retail, education and construction when they need temporary extra space for their workers. Let our pros help you with any type of mobile office rental in Kansas City whether you need a portable office trailer or a construction trailer, find it all here. Cork’d is ready to help you 24/7 so give us a call today.

Quickly Renting Mobile Office Trailers in Kansas City

We get it, your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to call around and compare mobile office rental companies in Kansas City. That is why we give you one place to quickly get the best rates on Kansas City office trailer rentals. Our experts can walk you through the wide variety of options in mobility, square footage, storage space and more in the most complete product range that includes:

Construction Office Trailer Rental in Kansas City From 20’x8’ to 50’x12’- With over 12 sizes to choose from, renting a construction office trailer in Kansas City that meets your exact requirements is easy. Combo office/storage trailers give your workers the space they need wherever they need it.

Modular Office Trailer Rental in Kansas City 64’x24’ to Extra Wide 64’x48’ - When you need a lot of space, these modular office trailers do the trick with over 2,000 square feet. Can accommodate nearly any type of office setting and at a fraction of the cost of building new.

Portable Classroom Rental in Kansas City - When schools face space issues, budget and time constraints can cause more problems. Renting portable classrooms in Kansas City allows schools to get the best of both worlds by quickly the space they need under budget.

What is the price of a mobile office rental in Kansas City?

The cost of a mobile office rental in Kansas City is broken out in monthly payments and gets progressively cheaper if you commit to longer rental terms. Mobile office availability, seasonality, insurance and customizations will affect your final cost. Of course the size and type of mobile office trailer you need will be the biggest factor affecting the quote. On the small side, an average price for a 160 sq. ft. construction office trailer in Kansas City is $175 to $350 per month. For larger units, a 400-500 sq. ft. mobile office rental in Kansas City costs $275 is $550 per month.

Are there customizations to help in unique work environments?

Of course, we make sure each mobile office trailer rental in Kansas City is customized to meet customer needs. These include but are not limited to:

  • Ramps, steps and access for the handicapped. Fully ADA compliant units available.
  • Custom locks and additional security and monitoring features.
  • Fast data connections and wiring, custom electronic installation.
  • Furniture, appliances, custom storage space, extra windows and more…..

Do I need to get insurance if I rent a mobile office in Kansas City?

We strongly recommend that you get insurance for your unit for a variety of reasons. Most construction office trailers in Kansas City are in areas that are not well trafficked or protected at night and are exposed to unpredictable weather 24 hours a day. Many construction companies who rent mobile offices in Kansas City need to store valuable equipment overnight as well which adds risk, despite security measures taken. Because of these risks, many mobile office companies in Kansas City actually require that customers carry general liability insurance of at least a million dollars.

How To Get The Best Used Mobile Office Trailer

If you need a unit for more than six months you need to consider buying a used mobile office trailer in Kansas City. For many companies, purchasing makes more sense than renting because they don't have to worry about paying for minor damage from regular use and can invest in any customizations they need to their trailer. On top of that, the cost of a used mobile office trailer for sale in Kansas City is less than if you try to rent or purchase a new one.

There is a very wide variance in used office trailer prices in Kansas City depending on size, age and condition of the unit, amenities, dealer or manufacturer warranties remaining and more. The following is intended to give you a framework when purchasing:

  • Small, 8 ft to 14 ft Used Office Trailers in Kansas City cost $3,500 to $7,500 or more for newer units. These are perfect for security offices, construction site offices or for storage.
  • Medium, 20 ft to 40 ft Used Mobile Offices in Kansas City cost $7,000 to $23,000 or more for newer units with multiple amenities. These are typically ground level units and can feature more amenities like security systems, heating & AC, lighting and electrical and windows.
  • Starting at 20 ft W x 40 ft L, Double Wide Large Used Mobile Offices in Kansas City cost $30,000 to over $100,000 for units that have over 2,000 sq. ft. At these sizes, used mobile offices can have any amenity including bathrooms, furniture, wiring for high speed internet and more.

Mobile Offices Costs in Kansas City, MO

Estimated Mobile Offices Cost in : $255.00

These are the monthly rates for an office trailer rental in Kansas City. These rates do not include delivery charges, customizations, modifications or add ons. For exact rates, call or request a quote.

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