Leak Detection Specialists For Your Home & Business

There are numerous different leaks that can happen in a home or business. Fire lines, copper piping, slab leaks, plumbing lines, refrigerators/washing machines/major appliance leaks. These leaks can result in water damage which has the potential to be seriously damaging to your property, your checkbook, and your health.

Most of the time insurance will cover damage from a water leak, provided that the damage was of a spontaneous nature and wasn't a prolonged problem that may have been a result of negligence. Long term water damage has the potential to create mold and other dangerous living environments. It is the responsibility of every home and business owner to begin clean up of water damage as soon as it is discovered. The first place you want to start is detecting the source of the leak.

Leak detection experts will use a variety of methods to determine exactly where your leak is, how bad it is, and what can be done to get it stopped.

I Think I have a Water Leak, What Now?

Before the water leak detection specialist arrives at your property, or before you are sure if you should call one, there are a few steps you should take to make sure that you do indeed have a leak. Start with:

    1. Checking Your Water Meter: Water meters all come equipped with a spinning star or triangle mounted visibly on top of the meter. When this is in motion it indicates that there is water flowing through the pipes. Ensure that all of your water is turned off (showers, sinks, toilets, etc). and check the spinning dial. If it is in motion then odds are you have a leak somewhere.
    2. Inspecting Your Appliances: A lot of times leaks occur from major appliances in your home and not necessarily piping, which is good for you as it is an easier fix. Run your dishwasher, use the water dispenser on your refrigerator (if applicable), check the supply lines going to each of these if possible. If this is the cause of your leak it might not even be necessary to have a detection specialist out.
    3. If you still are seeing water leak and the above tips do not result in finding a source, it is probably time to contact a Corkd leak detection specialist.

Types of Water Leaks

There are many types of leaks that can occur in a home or business. However, the type of water that is leaking is going to be one of the most important aspects of how the leak is handled. The three types of leaks are:

    • Category 1 Water - The best type of leak to have, if you have one. This refers to water from supply lines and mainly the ones into your home. This is clean water that does not pose a potential threat to humans.
    • Category 2 Water - This type of water has a certain amount of contamination; from dish soap to dirt from humans. It can potentially be harmful to humans and requires different equipment .
    • Category 3 Water - "Black Water" this type of water can cause significant harm to humans that come in contact with it. Most type of home leaks involving black water are from sewer pipes.

Regardless of the type of water leaking your home is in danger and you need to call a Corkd water leak detection specialist as soon as possible.

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