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When you need to a reliable junk removal service for your home or business, Corkd can help you save time and find the lowest rates. We also help you sift through the potential extra charges for heavier items (sand, concrete, etc.), toll charges, state & local taxes and more. The simple fact is that most people accumulate too much junk over time and they do not have the strength, vehicles or time to remove the excess junk on their own. A professional junk removal team with just one truck can typically haul off any amount of household junk in just a few hours. You can also rest easy knowing that much of your junk will still be recycled so you are not just dumping 100% of your junk into a landfill. Stay green!

Junk Removal Pricing Guide

The number one question people ask is about the price of junk removal. This is not as easy to answer as it may seem, and most jobs require an onsite inspection in order to provide a firm quote. If you just need to remove a single item such as a refrigerator or washer, you will probably just be charged the minimum fee and no on site evaluation is necessary. Minimum fees, depending on your area typically run from $75 up to $299. Check out our chart below for a better understanding of how junk removal is priced and to find what range your job will fall into:

Truck Usage Trash Volume (in Cubic feet) Price
Minimum 0-65 $90-$100
1/6 Truck Load 65-85 $110-$135
1/4 Truck Load 85-125 $160-$190
3/8 Truck Load 125-185 $220-$270
1/2 Truck Load 185-235 $290-$320
5/8 Truck Load 235-295 $340-$365
3/4 Truck Load 295-355 $390-$410
7/8 Truck Load 355-425 $430-$460
Full Truck Load 425-485 $490-$520

*Note, additional charges for items with freon (refrigerators, freezers), tires, paint, batteries, fluorescent bulbs and any environmentally hazardous materials.

Junk Removal Checklist

When the day comes for your junk removal you need to do just a little bit of preparation to make sure the job goes smoothly for both you and the junk removal experts. Be sure to:

  • Make sure there are no vehicles blocking access to the junk for the removal truck.
  • Check with your entire family (or colleagues) to make sure that the list of junk to be removed is both complete and accurate. Your cost for junk removal will increase significantly if you need to have two separate jobs, even if it is the same amount of waste.
  • Always clearly label the junk to be removed, and if possible set it aside from the rest of your belongings. This can reduce error and you do not want anything accidentally thrown away.
  • Make sure to double check that none of the items require special disposal. These items include tires, liquid waste, batteries and any hazardous materials. If your junk removal company arrives and you do have any of these they may be able to remove them for extra fees but this will vary by metro area and local laws. Unfortunately local junk removal laws do vary drastically by municipality, but we recommend that you start with the EPA regulations which will apply to your area.

Our team of junk removal professionals know that it can sometimes be difficult letting go of old items that you have had for years. Not all junk removal companies operate with a level of respect for their clients and their clients property. Our experts take special care while at your home or office and are sure to avoid scraping walls or floors. Evert pro is courteous, clean, and careful to leave your property cleaner than when they arrived. In addition, they are very careful to be sure to avoid throwing away any items that are not clearly labeled junk.

What Can I Throw Away?

Most customers can throw away any old junk they have lying around with very few exceptions. With large junk removal trucks and strong haulers clients can get rid of:

  • Demolition debris including wood, carpeting, drywall and more.
  • Junk from garage cleanouts
  • Old mattresses and other furniture
  • E-waste and most electronics
  • Refrigerators and other large appliances
  • Waste from landscaping projects and any type of green waste
  • Construction companies who end up with extra debris on jobsites
  • Property owners who need to clean up junk left behind by renters
  • Seasonal yard clean ups

How Much Does It Cost?

Junk removal prices are generally determined based on a fraction of the truck your junk fills up. Almost all junk is charged at the same rate, though some types of heavier junk can cost extra. Sand and concrete for example will typically cost a little extra due to their heavy weight to size ratio. To cover basic employee and fuel costs, most junk removal companies will charge a minimum that usually starts at $100 and can be as high as $350.

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