How Much Does Drainage Installation Cost?

Typical Prices For Drainage Installation:


Most customers spent between $1,934 and $3,196 for drainage installation. Fill out a quote for your exact drainage installation costs.

The Cost Of Installing Drainage

Investing in your drainage system can be very expensive. Unfortunately, doing it the wrong may just leave you with a high unexpected repair bill and getting the money together for that is almost impossible. Hence, before you get a professional in, you should familiarize yourself with the different elements of plumbing and drainage in kitchens first.

Sink Installation

If you want to replace a sink, it is likely that you are upgrading or remodeling. So long as your plumbing is fine, you simply need to remove your old sink and put the new one in place. However, if you notice breaks or leaks, then the job will be a lot more costly. You can expect the replacement of a sink to cost around $2,085, but if you also have to pay for new plumbing, you will have to add another $2,110 or so on top of that.

Installing and Repairing Pipes

If you're lucky, you will only need to replace the visible drain pipe. This should only cost you around $190. Depending on who you work with, you may also have to pay some contractor fees. The final price will mainly be regulated by the materials used. You could try to replace the pipe yourself, but this is one thing you should only do if you are 100% sure of your own capabilities. Do it wrong, and it could end up costing you a whole lot more.

It is also possible for pipes to become damaged or break in any part of your house, leading to leaks. Leaks cause water damage, which is expensive to repair. Hence, if you suspect a problem, you should get it fixed straight away. Fixing a broken drain line can cost around $730, unless floors have to be cut or pipes have to be dug.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can generally be fixed at home. You may even only need a good quality plunger to dislodge whatever is there that is causing the blockage. You can also purchase great quality drain cleaners, which basically dissolve anything that is in the drain. However, if you do have to get someone in to declog your drain, you can expect to pay around $260. You can avoid these costs by having sink drain baskets in place. You must also watch what you put in your garbage disposal, which is the main cause of drainage problems.

It can be very useful to know how much you can expect to pay for home emergencies. Although you may hope that nothing will ever go wrong and that if it does you can fix it yourself, this is often not possible. Keeping some money behind to get the professional in is always a good idea.

Written by Christopher Lavery

Christopher Lavery is the cost analyst at Cork'd. You can find him on Google.

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