How Much Does Drain Repair Cost?

Typical Prices For Drain Repair:


Most customers spent between $135 and $182 for drain repair. Fill out a quote for your exact drain repair costs.

The Cost Of Repairing A Drain

Of all the plumbing problems in a home, clogged drains are the most common. The shower drain could be filled with several strands of hair or the garbage disposal could have gone into overload. Whatever it is, it will be very frustrating. It is tempting to solve the problem yourself and this can be a viable option in some cases. You can use plungers, drain unclogging chemicals and a great deal of elbow grease. However, some problems have to be resolved by professionals. Before you do that, the following information may be of benefit to you.

Details About Plumber Hire

The first thing you probably want to know is how much you will have to pay your plumber. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer for this, because it all depends on a range of factors. First of all, where you live will make the price go up or down. Rural areas tend to be cheaper than urban areas. Next, the size of your problem is also a main factor. If a job is quick and easy, doesn't require much equipment and can be left without a clean up is obviously going to be much easier than a job that requires assistants, dry wall removable and the laying of new pipes. Basically, the average cost nationwide is $430, but this really doesn't tell you very much.

Repairing a Basic Clogged Drain

Usually, it is very easy to repair a clogged drain. It tends to simply require a snake tool that goes into the drain and removes the blockage. This only takes a few minutes and your plumber costs will be relatively low. However, if you have to call someone out in emergency hours, like at night, during holidays or in weekends, you can at least double the price. Count on around $170 for a regular drain unclogging service, or around $300 outside office hours.

Corroded Pipe Replacement

Sometimes, a clogged drain is caused by a corroded pipe. This means that there is little space for the water to travel through. Unfortunately, this generally means that you will need new pipes and this should only be done by a professional, licensed plumber. Unfortunately, the expense is much higher. You will need to pay for new pipes, possible wall removable and several hours of labor. It is likely that this will cost you at least $750.

It may be common to have a clogged drain but that doesn't make it any less annoying. Being aware of how much a repair could cost you means that you are better able to budget for these eventualities. By making sure you use things such as sink traps, you are also more likely not to have any clogged drains and prevention is always better than cure.

Written by Christopher Lavery

Christopher Lavery is the cost analyst at Cork'd. You can find him on Google.

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