How Much Does Drain Line Breakage Repair Cost?

Typical Prices For Drain Line Breakage Repair:


Most customers spent between $284 and $539 for drain line breakage repair. Fill out a quote for your exact drain line breakage repair costs.

The Cost Of Repairing Line Breakage

There is probably nothing worse than having a broken drain line. All of your waste water has to go through this drain to get to the sewer system, so you can imagine how terrible it would be if this does break. Your basement or your crawlspace could flood, covering the area with disgusting smells. Not just that, the wet areas in your home can lead to structural damage because they were exposed to contamination. The amount of money it will cost you to repair this problem will depend on a variety of factors. Hopefully, the following information will help you to figure out just how much it will cost you.

Understanding Drain Line Breakage

When your home was first built, the sewer connections, plumbing system and drain line were all installed. They have probably been untouched since, so it is likely that your system is as much as 50 or even 100 years old. During that time, it has been exposed to the elements, including water, frost and thawing cycles, as well as various other natural problems. Hence, all your pipes probably have some degree of rust and will be wearing down. To repair the drain line, you can expect to pay between $765 and $1,165, although there are a number of factors that will really determine the final cost.

Where Is the Break?

First of all, a repair team will come in and find out where the drain has actually broken. If this is on the exterior of your property, the soil will need to be excavated, which takes a lot of time and hence a lot of money. Generally speaking, the lines will be a few feet under the soil and there are many things such as sidewalks, driveways and trees in its way. If, however, the breakage is inside your home, there is no need for excavation. However, there may be significant structural damage to your property that all need fixing.

What Caused the Break?

The next important factor is the cause of the break itself. For instance, the pipe may have been damaged by a growing tree root, which will require the tree itself to be removed as well. Perhaps it was caused by a huge clog, which means that a big section of the pipe ends up to have replaced. If the cause is old age and your pipes are rusted, then it is possible that the whole system has to be replaced.

Damage to Your Property

Finally, it is possible that there has been structural damage to your property as well. This could drive the price of your project up significantly. The extent of this will depend on the extent of the damage itself.

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