How Much Does Bathtub Installation Cost?

Typical Prices For Bathtub Installation:


Most customers spent between $1,049 and $2,111 for bathtub installation. Fill out a quote for your exact bathtub installation costs.

The Cost Of Installing A Bathtub

If you want to have a bathtub, it is likely to be the focal point of your bathroom. However, it can also be a one of the most expensive pieces, both in terms of the parts required for the bathtub and the labor costs of whoever installs it for you. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to get an accurate price for both the bathtub and the labor, because there are many factors that affect this. Your geographical location is one factor, but the type of bathtub you have chosen, what your needs are and so on are also factors to consider.

The type of bathtub is a major expense. Most bathrooms are quite restrictive in terms of size and shape of the tub. The location of the bathroom itself, however, is also a major factor. If it is hard to reach, for instance, the labor will be more expensive. A bathtub can cost anything from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. All of this depends on the type of tub you purchase. A full jacuzzi with whirlpool technology that fits two people and has a corner shape is always going to be a whole lot more expensive than a standard bathtub.

Another factor that affects the price is the material of the bathtub itself. Old houses tend to have cast iron baths in them and some people now like to collect these. Many plumbers still know how to install these. However, they are very heavy and large, which may mean structural work has to be completed on your property, at a very high cost. Additionally, you may need to insure them because of their ornate features, such as their claw feet. These tubs can end up costing several thousand dollars just for the bathtub itself.

New bathtubs tend to be made of ceramic and cast iron as well as composite materials and they are framed by wood and acrylic materials. These are much easier to be made to measure and they are also a lot less expensive. Their special features can make them more expensive, however. For instance, you may want fancy taps or a waterfall faucet. Walk-in bathtubs are also more expensive and they require more specialized knowledge to install.

You should always ask a qualified plumber to install your bathtub. It is complicated work that has to be done right. If your bathtub has spa facilities, you will also need an electrician in order to deal with the electric parts of these bathtubs. Both the plumber and the electrician will generally charge you by the hour, as well as requiring payment for the materials that they use. Do not be tempted, however, to cut corners in this.

Written by Christopher Lavery

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