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Compare & Save on Cabinet Refacing In Raleigh, NC

If you want to get your cabinets looking great again with cabinet refacing in Raleigh then Cork'd can help. Whether you have worn out cabinets in multiple rooms or you just need kitchen cabinet refacing in Raleigh that you can afford you are in the right place. Not all services are the same but our experts provide everything from sanding, adjusting drawer/door alignment, and finally cabinet painting in Raleigh that leaves them looking like new. Start with our Ballpark estimator to get an idea of Raleigh cabinet refacing costs so you can decide the next steps. Our pros are ready when you are!

What to Look for When Refacing a Cabinet in Raleigh, North Carolina

You will want to make sure that you hire companies that have experience refacing cabinets in Raleigh similar to yours. Some businesses specialize in replacing cabinets, but that is much more costly and you will want a company that has experience with kitchen, pantry and bathroom cabinet refacing in Raleigh. Whether your cabinets are made from laminate, wood, shaker or any other material, Corkd can help you choose the best local company for the job. We will connect you to the best local companies who have a good track record for keeping Raleigh cabinet refacing costs low, while making them look as good as new. Even if you are thinking of figuring out how to do a diy cabinet refacing in Raleigh it's a good idea to compare prices from local companies, you'd be surprised at how affordable it can be. DIY projects also can turn out to be very time consuming and will often not look as good as a professional job.

Why Cabinet Refinishing in Raleigh Makes More Sense

For most homeowners, completely gutting old cabinets is too costly. With cabinet refinishing in Raleigh, the frame is kept intact so you reduce the cost of both materials and labor while being more environmentally friendly. Unless your cabinets are too ancient, have rooted wood or are too small (or large) then a refacing should be your first choice.

Cabinet Refacing Costs in Raleigh, NC

Estimated Cabinet Refacing Cost in Raleigh: $6,833.55

This cost is based on Wake County labor costs and is based on an average kitchen (35 cabinets) and does not include cabinet handle installation. Specialty cabinets (lazy susans, trash drawers, etc.) can add to this cost. Taxes are not included in estimate.

Non-Verified Cabinet Refacing Companies

Jlp Custom Paint

1113 Gurley Dairy Road N/A

Pikeville, NC 27863

Jq Cleaning Services, Llc

8028 Sundance Circle

Durham, NC 27713

Surface Savers

6711 Matthews Rd

Durham, NC 27712

Coped Corners Carpentry

516 Lob Lolly Drive

Durham, NC 27712

Surface Savers, Inc.

2412 Reichard Street

Durham, NC 27712

Dajaglo Property Service

PO Box 13051

Durham, NC 27709

Nlj Contractor Services

1626 South Alston Avenue

Durham, NC 27707

Certapro Painters

6104 Oak Forest Drive

Raleigh, NC 27616

Certapro Painters

6104 Oak Forest Drive

Raleigh, NC 27616

Wilson Construction

8850 Autumm Dr

Raleigh, NC 27615

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