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Affordable Junk Removal in Corry, PA

When you need junk removal in Corry you can count on Cork'd to get the best prices and fast, reliable service. Let us help you with your Corry junk removal for construction, commercial or household today. Cork'd lets you quickly research trash hauling pricing in Corry faster than ever before. Pick up the phone or send us your request now!


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Junk Removal Costs in Corry, PA

Estimated Junk Removal Cost in Corry: $281.10

This cost is based on Erie County labor costs and is based on an estimated 1 to 6 pickup trucks of trash and does not include costs for hazardous material disposal.

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Taking out nearly three hundred lbs. of household items & a broken dishwashing machine.

Matt W.
Corry, PA, 16407

Load Size: 5/8th Truck

Trash Volume: 271 Cubic Ft.

$ 349

Corry Yard clean up with a lot of bunch of stuff like hand tools, random trash, some plastic chairs and linoleum flooring.

Clarissa L.
Columbus, PA, 16405

Load Size: 5/8th Truck

Trash Volume: 286 Cubic Ft.

$ 359

I'm junking tv sets, kitchen stuff & possibly a little linoleum flooring.

Georgia W.
Elgin, PA, 16413

Load Size: 3/4th Truck

Trash Volume: 377 Cubic Ft.

$ 398

I'm junking a few sofas, kitchen items and maybe some linoleum flooring.

Maya S.
Spring Creek, PA, 16436

Load Size: Half Truck

Trash Volume: 201 Cubic Ft.

$ 300

Corry Basement clean out I have lots of random junk such as lawn care equipment, paper, excercise bike and flooring.

Andy T.
Spartansburg, PA, 16434

Load Size: Min. Load

Trash Volume: 62 Cubic Ft.

$ 95

I'm getting rid of 4tv's, paper & probably a little linoleum flooring.

Sarah F.
Bear Lake, PA, 16402

Load Size: 5/8th Truck

Trash Volume: 257 Cubic Ft.

$ 340

Taking care of my backyard in Corry - it's got a wooden desk, some computers & magazines.

Kara B.
Clymer, NY, 14724

Load Size: 7/8th Truck

Trash Volume: 387 Cubic Ft.

$ 432

Corry Garage clean out I have mostly bunch of junk which includes lawn care items, random trash, excercise bike and rugs.

Caroline S.
Union City, PA, 16438

Load Size: 1/6th Truck

Trash Volume: 84 Cubic Ft.

$ 110

I need to clear away some couches, kitchen stuff & maybe a pile of drywall.

Caroline P.
Grand Valley, PA, 16420

Load Size: Min. Load

Trash Volume: 61 Cubic Ft.

$ 93

Junk includes about three hundred lbs of old junk and a washer dryer.

Russell N.
Garland, PA, 16416

Load Size: 7/8th Truck

Trash Volume: 378 Cubic Ft.

$ 435

Pricing to be used as a guide only. Actual prices will need to be confirmed either at your location or with detailed pictures of all waste.

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